I’m Tired, Why?

April 25th, 2011

So, you are feeling tired?  Well then, lets get that coffee, Rock Star and 5-hour energy going.  That would be the usual.  And of course, if three coffees didn’t get you what you needed, there is always #4 to take you through the rest of the day!  This is a free country, so you are more than welcome to continue down the every intensifying coffee roller coaster or you may want to check into the following.

If you are having difficulty getting out of bed, you might want to get your thyroid checked out.

If you are the one who goes drowsy between 2-4pm most days then you may be interested in getting you adrenals checked.

If after exercising you find the tired bug hits you “BIG TIME” then you may want to check those adrenals again.

If you find sitting in church, class or standing for lengthy periods to be especially tiring, you may want to check your aldosterone levels.

If you are tired all day long and overall feeling unmotivated for life, you may want to get your estradiol and testosterone checked.

If you work out hard or put in a long day at work and find it takes you days or maybe even weeks to recover, you had better start thinking about  getting your growth hormone levels checked.

Of course, there are a multitude of reasons for low energy.  The majority of people, have low energy because they aren’t doing anything to stimulate energy production in their body.  There is also the little part about fueling the body instead of stuffing the body with food.  And of course, there is the bit about not watching TV into the wee hours of the night or being a worry wart but who does that anymore.

What does your tired look like?

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