Accumulate Health App

This app is designed to simplify your life and fuel your winning health routine.

After all, the secret to long-lasting health can be found in your daily routine.

The Accumulate Health app focuses on four areas of health – Mindset, Nutrition, Fitness, and Environment.

Through the app you can:

  • Learn how to create a winning health routine
  • Connect through community
  • Challenge yourself through one of our quarterly habits challenges

Learn how to accumulate health through Mindset, Nutrition, Fitness, and Environment.

Click on the Learn tab to watch videos, read blog posts, get recipes, exercises and more in each of these four areas.

Connect with other health accumulators by joining one of the following messaging groups:

  • Habit Challenges messaging group
  • Dr. Wholeness Moms messaging group
  • Health Accumulator Ambassadors messaging group
  • Accumulating Health – One habit at a time

To join a messaging group, click on the messaging icon in the right-hand corner of the app. You will then be asked to log in via your email, Facebook, or Apple ID. You can also start a conversation by direct messaging someone in the group.

Accumulate health through one of our quarterly challenges.

Stay inspired and accountable through our messaging group and push notifications. You’ll find the current or ‘coming soon’ quarterly habit challenge on the home screen of the app or click on the Challenges tab.