5 Ways to Support Your Child’s Health

As you have likely noticed, anxiety, ADHD, and depression are skyrocketing amongst our youth.  Children are being medicated at an earlier and earlier age. 

This creates countless developmental issues across the board, from cognitive impairment, decreased relationship capacity, inability to meet physical growth expectations, to increased risk of suicide and helplessness.

This does not have to be. 

We can help children make choices that will give their neurochemistry the tools it needs to keep them in a purpose-driven, high functioning, and more than capable lane in life.

The following is a quick outline that can help you see if your child is getting the inputs they need to thrive in life.


  • Heart rate up is key
    • Children who regularly exert themselves beyond just light play have considerably better test scores and focus capacity.
  • Improves reading, motor skill learning, mood, focus/attention, memory.
  • Creates an opportunity to overcome in a structured environment

Whole food nutrition

  • Makes parenting easier in the end
    • Put in the extra work now and enjoy the rewards as your children blossom with optimal nutrition.
  • Positively affects mood
  • Impacts bone density and facial structure


  • Guidelines for what is and is not expected
  • Enables children to develop self-control
  • Equips children to make decisions they can trust as they age
  • Studies demonstrate that children who have consistent, distinct boundaries have self-confidence that is considerably greater than their peers without distinct boundaries.

Multivitamin Support

  • Forms of nutrients are critical in relation to utilization
  • Aim for nutrient forms found in nature or in the human body
    • Synthetic, unnatural forms bog down the nervous system and detoxification pathways creating even greater havoc in bodies that are already stressed.
  • Folate, B12 and vitamin E are often problematic
  • Free of unnecessary and often toxic coloring and flavoring agents

In looking at the above list, what small changes can you make right now for your children or grandchildren? Pick the easiest, lowest hanging fruit, and go from there.  

Parenting is the greatest work any of us will ever do. 

The weight of responsibility can many times seem like too much but implementing the above can make a huge difference and give you ample confidence that you have what it takes to mold and shape winning children.

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