Are you as healthy as you think you are?

Most people’s health expectations are too high for themselves. People think they are healthy because they do not have a hard-core disease or disease diagnosis. Yet they continue to buy snacks from vending machines, eat frozen dinners, play video games and live a sedentary life.

They do not realize that they are living right on the edge of a disease diagnosis or life-altering bodily dysfunction as a direct result of the information they have been supplying their body for years. 

I see this to some degree every day.

Your body is an amazing instrument, capable of all manner of awesomeness. But if given the wrong information for survival over and over again at some point it will implode.

What information are you feeding your body?

Whether that wrong information is highly processed food, the 4-6 hours of sleep night after night, the 3-4 different medications to keep your blood pressure in check, normalize blood sugar, keep acid reflux from crippling you and/or depression or anxiety from overwhelming you.

Or maybe you are informing your body via sitting on the couch, binge-watching YouTube or the like, using synthetic perfumes, hair sprays, antiperspirants daily, inhaling the Glade air fresheners over and over.  Or maybe it is isolation from humanity and fear of the unknown.

We are living in denial as to the impact our lifestyle is having on our personal health capacity and that of the community we live in. 

Your health and vitality makes the whole community that much more healthy and vital. 

Go ahead wear a mask, but nobody is getting healthier, stronger, more vital, more capable of living by wearing a mask.

Are you heading towards health or disease?

All these actions or inactions are informing your body for better or worse. They are making you more capable or less capable to manifest health, vitality, vigor, and general life enjoyment. 

They are either decreasing or increasing hormone imbalance, fertility issues, and other dysfunctions in your body. They are going to create an immune system that is less capable and more susceptible to over responding to infectious insults. 

We can continue to live in denial that our daily choices aren’t having a lasting impact on our body, but denial and shifting responsibility to the government or public health or health insurance is what got us into the mess we are currently in America with skyrocketing chronic disease, an inability to withstand infectious agents and a health care system that is ranked last among well-developed nations.

You have the power to transform your health existence.

I’d love to hear about one habit you’re going to develop on a daily basis to change the trajectory of your health. Let me know in the comments below.

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