Building Muscle Suppresses Cancer

One of the problems that come with a highly inflamed body is cancer progression but building muscle suppresses cancer. That’s why if you are not building muscle, you are missing out on a high potency, anti-inflammatory support system.

Why Building Muscle Suppresses Cancer

Our muscles actually produce proteins that act as tumor suppressor compounds. In fact, I just read a study looking at men with prostate cancer that showed that

after 12 weeks of exercise, cancer growth was reduced by 22%.

Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise

These tumor suppressor compounds are called myokines.

Exercise and forcing muscle adaptation is a key weapon in your health accumulation arsenal. This allows myokines to go around and signal immune T cells to attack and kill cancer cells. 

Myokines are released when muscle is activated.

Whether you are jumping rope, getting after it on your Peloton, going for a brisk walk, doing a HIIT routine, performing a set of curls to failure or training for the Crossfit games you are doing yourself a world of good, especially in relation to making it more challenging for cancers to grow.

For more inspiration and tips on how to decrease inflammation and build muscle, check out this blog post.

How are you building muscle? I’d love to know in the comments below.

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