Can Anxiety Be Cured?

Anxiety is tearing people apart right and left.  It is wrecking families, raising blood pressure, giving people heart attacks and strokes, making life seemingly unmanageable.  This is leading people to resort to medications that lead to dependence and overall lower quality of life.

There must be a better way, right?

Yes, I am here to tell you there is.

When you’re experiencing anxiety, it can feel like it’s out of your control.  It can seem like you’re helpless to withstand these external forces.

If anxiety consumes your daily routine, now is the time to make adjustments.  Do not wait until you’re going to the ER for a panic attack to address the root of anxiety.

As soon as you sense anxiety trying to take hold, immediately identify the precipitating factors and make the necessary adjustments. 

I have seen so many people who started out with what they called feeling “stressed out”, who didn’t change their life routine and 6 months or a year later they are in the ER because of panic attacks or they come into the office on medications unable to go to work and parent their children.

So what adjustments might you make?

  • First off I would look at what media you are consuming.  Cut off every bit of fear-based media. 
  • Second, I would look at getting hope-based media pumping through your eyes and ears. Read the Bible.  Check out Ephesians 1 and who God says you are as His child.
  • Third, look at your sleep habits. Are you taking time to sleep, is your sleep quality good?  If you’re not getting quality sleep, then get with a naturopathic doctor and get it figured out.
  • Fourth, what is your food consumption like? Are you going to fast food? Are you eating a lot of flour and sugary foods? If you are, cut it out.  Turn to high fiber, high color foods that offer life sustenance to your body like fruits, vegetables, oats, nuts, seeds, beans, lentils, grassfed/free range meats.
  • Fifth, are you hydrating or are you just pounding coffee, tea and sports drinks?  Make a point to get purified water first thing in the morning and then throughout the day to keep your blood volume up so that your body has more margin to work with.
  • Sixth, are your bowels moving?  If they’re not, we have to figure out why they are not and make that happen, otherwise the body is under a self-induced toxic insult day after day.
  • Seventh, do you wake up running and go to sleep running?  If you do, then force yourself to sit down or stand or lay down on the floor on your back and just smile while taking in deep slow inhales.  Create opportunity for peace to manifest.
  • Eight, do you have a regular fitness routine?  If not, get it going, a strenuous fitness routine has performed better than anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications 100% of the time in studies.  Grab a buddy and get sweating.  Make some fitness goals and earn them.
  • Nine, get your B12, folate, thyroid, iron, hormones levels checked to make your chemistry is balanced.
  • Ten, utilize herbs and amino acids to promote the parasympathetic, rest relaxation response of your body.  I have used Cortisol MetabOT, B vitamins, Mag Complete, Vitamin D3 + K2, Adrenal Refresh, StayWell Multi with great results.  The cool thing about nutritional interventions is that they support the optimal activity of the body, they don’t force the body to do things like pharmaceuticals which can then lead to dependence and withdrawal.

You can overcome anxiety I have seen it happen too many times to count.  It won’t happen in a day, but it will happen as you build a life routine that demonstrates health accumulation.

If there’s something that’s helped you overcome anxiety, please post below! You never know who else it might help and how it might transform their life and the life of their family.

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