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Goat Whey Recipes

Want to save calories and carbs? Try goat whey in your recipes. You can use goat whey in more than just smoothies. You can also use it as a substitute for flour in baked goods. Activ Goat Whey Protein is a highly digestible, non-denatured, low allergy whey protein food from goat milk. Chocolate Protein Balls 1/2 […]

Food Hierarchy

A food hierarchy is a great way to reduce the time and energy it takes trying to figure out what to eat to maintain healthy body composition. Eating according to our established food hierarchy is a daily habit that will help us build a winning health routine. The first category of food in my food […]

Vegetables: A High-Volume Low-Calorie Food for Food Addiction

If you are trying to switch to a whole food way of eating but find yourself hungry all of the time, try adding a high-volume, low-calorie food called vegetables. Hunger or food addiction? Many times when you feel hungry, it’s not true hunger, it’s just your nervous system that’s in your digestive tract letting you […]