Does the iron ring test work?

The most reliable method of assessing iron deficiency is with a blood test to check serum ferritin status.

Many people on social media are suggesting that if you rub a gold ring on your skin and a black mark appears that you are anemic and should get your blood levels checked.  Though it is safe to rub a ring on your face, there is no evidence that this signifies anemia or iron deficiency. 

If you have symptoms of anemia such as dizziness, fatigue, bruising, shortness of breath, depression, or hair loss, be sure to talk to your doctor about iron deficiency.

As always, the blood does not lie.  Get your blood levels checked making sure a CBC, Ferritin, B12, TIBC, iron levels are all part of the blood test.  

If your ferritin level comes back less than 50 then you may benefit from iron supplementation and/or increasing your dietary intake of iron via red meat. 

If your ferritin is less than 20 ng/ml your body is in the first stages of iron deficiency and will likely require supplementing with the right type of iron to enjoy quick and efficient iron repletion. 

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