Home Birth Birth Plan

Are you or someone you know considering a home birth birth plan? Many people assume that home births are only for the natural, granola type moms who are immune to pain but this is another home birth myth. That’s why Sarah and Matthew Bivens, creators of the Doing It At Home podcast and community are here to dispel some of the misconceptions surrounding home births and help people believe that they too can have a successful home birth.

Some of the topics discussed in the interview:

  • Common misconceptions surrounding home births
  • What led them to choose a home birth
  • What their families thought when they told them they were going to have a home birth
  • How to find out if a home birth is right for you
  • Are home births messy?
  • What to do with the placenta

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Sarah and Matthew are serious birth junkies that have lots of wisdom to share. To find out more about home births or Sarah and Matthew,
visit their website at diahpodcast.com or binge the Doing It At Home podcast on your favorite podcast player.  If you want all of the home
birth information in one place, then check out their digital e-book 

Have you had a home birth? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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