Obesity and Liquid Sugar

In the USA, liquid sugar in the form of (soda, etc.) is the #1 caloric input and in America. We also rock obesity, diabetes, dementia, NAFLD, and a whole host of other chronic diseases. So being different by canceling liquid sugar is a fantastic sign that you are on the road to health accumulation.

Alright, so what exactly are these liquid sugars doing to us?

Liquid sugar makes us fat.

A 20-year study of 120,000 men and women found that people who increased their sugary drink consumption by one 12-ounce serving per day gained an average of 4 extra pounds each year without any other lifestyle or diet changes.

In children, for each additional soda pop consumed in a day, their likelihood of becoming obese increased by 60% within the year.  Is that not crazy?  Within just one year the risk of obesity skyrocketed.

Liquid sugar is not satisfying to the body.

There are multiple reasons for this, but the simplest one is that liquid sugar is not satisfying to the body.  It doesn’t turn on any of the satiation signals like solid food does.  

You don’t get that feeling of fullness.  So then you are either battling hunger all day long or like most, you end up consuming significantly more calories than you would have otherwise because of the liquid sugar products.

Liquid sugar stimulates appetite.

There are also studies showing that liquid carbohydrates can stimulate appetite.  Given our abundance of food choices, the last thing most of us need is more appetite stimulation.  When you choose to have something sweet, you will be well served to eat the cookie or cake rather than drink the liquid sugar.

Liquid sugar includes sugar-free drinks.

It’s not just the sugar-laden sweet drinks that are an issue so to are sugar-free drinks.  As sugar-free drinks increase mortality risk increases as well.  Is that not wild?  People are trying to help themselves out by cutting down on sugary drinks and switching to diet or zero sugar drinks but in so doing they are actually handicapping their longevity. 

Yes, liquid sugar includes fruit juice.

I would love to tell you that your apple juice or orange juice is creating boundless health for you but alas I must propagate the truth. 

Eating fruit is fantastic, but getting fruit in juice form from the grocery store is a recipe for diabetes and weight gain. 

Fructose, the prominent sugar in fruit literally creates metabolic disease and shuts down the capacity of your liver to do its job. The more fructose your liver cells are exposed to the greater the reduction in energy capacity of your liver cells. When drinking juice, fructose intake becomes excessive and this depletes liver resources. 

Obesity and Liquid Sugar

With the end result being high uric acid creation (think gout), excess inflammation (from slowed liver processing), and even fibrosis in the kidney (hardening of the kidney).  There are even studies showing that high fructose intake increased cancer cell growth and the spread of cancer.

This all sounds terrible, right? And it is.  But it can be easily worked around by eating whole fruit and limiting consumption of store-bought juice.  And 100% cancelling high fructose corn syrup and fructose-sweetened foods or beverages.

There are so many opportunities for health available to us.  With our abundance of food choices these days, many times our health opportunity is wrapped up in eliminating food items like sugary drinks from our lives. 

This is health addition by subtraction.  Imagine giving your body purified water in place of each serving of sugary or sugar-free drinks for the next year?  

Now that is health accumulation.

Have you canceled liquid sugar? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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