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A Roadblock to Health: The All-or-Nothing Paralysis

A common roadblock to health is an all-or-nothing paralysis. Just think would you tell your child to quit playing basketball because they don’t dribble the ball well or they don’t always see the open teammate? Of course not. The same applies to our health. Maybe you want to lose 5 lbs a week but you […]

Food Hierarchy

A food hierarchy is a great way to reduce the time and energy it takes trying to figure out what to eat to maintain healthy body composition. Eating according to our established food hierarchy is a daily habit that will help us build a winning health routine. The first category of food in my food […]

Soy Lectins: To eat or not to eat?

Lectins continue to be all the rage in nutrition but are soy lectins contributing to health or havoc in the body? Many whole foods are loaded with lectins. Unfortunately, these proteins we call lectins that bind to carbohydrates promote a state of leaky gut which allows undigested food particles, intestinal bacteria, and toxins to enter the […]

Vegetables: A High-Volume Low-Calorie Food for Food Addiction

If you are trying to switch to a whole food way of eating but find yourself hungry all of the time, try adding a high-volume, low-calorie food called vegetables. Hunger or food addiction? Many times when you feel hungry, it’s not true hunger, it’s just your nervous system that’s in your digestive tract letting you […]

Why Does Functional Strength Training Matter?

Why does functional strength training matter and why is it called functional strength training or resistance training?  It’s called strength training because it makes you stronger and more capable of overcoming life resistance.  Strength training for youth and vitality Who doesn’t want an increased capacity for doing life and living out the full number of […]

How to grow broccoli sprouts

Want to keep simple infections from turning into serious infections? Start increasing glutathione levels by learning how to grow broccoli sprouts. Researchers at UCLA found that by eating broccoli sprouts that a person could increase their levels of glutathione s transferase also known as GST remarkably. GST or glutathione s transferase is responsible for taking […]