The Benefits of Sun Exposure

The first thing that comes to mind when most of us think about the benefits of sun exposure is Vitamin D.

Well, have I good news for you. Those sun rays are doing so much more than just increasing your vitamin D synthesis.

Yes, as you are likely well aware, vitamin D is a huge deal for optimal living and longevity. Given the sensation of euphoria that comes over most of us when the sun is beaming on a fresh spring day, it should come as no surprise that there is a whole lot more to that golden globe in the sky.

When you expose your eyes, arms, legs, chest, and back to the sun, you are helping your body better control itself.

This is because sun exposure is not just UV-B, UV-A or visible light. Sun exposure is giving you the whole spectrum.  Long wavelengths, shortwave lengths, x-ray, and even gamma rays are emitted from the sun.

When you expose yourself to the sun:

  • You are promoting balance in your immune system.
  • You are helping to decrease your blood pressure.
  • You are making it easier to maintain optimal body composition.
  • You are encouraging a sense of well-being.
  • You are accumulating health.

UV radiation from the sun in the principle natural virucide in the environment makes viruses inert by modifying their genetic material.

Finally, consider that the all-important T cells which play a central role in our immunity are directly activated and the speed of their movement is enhanced via sun exposure. 

I would find a way every day to get outside in the sun for at least twenty minutes at midday. In winter or when there’s a lack of sun, then it may take 2 hours to get the benefits of sun exposure. I hope you consider the sun your friend and will look to consciously cultivate the habit of sun exposure this year.

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