Recommend Books

Mindset -The difference between having a fixed mindset and a growth mindset is everything.  Recognizing our mindset in multiple different areas of life can help us make little decisions that completely change the trajectory of our life, health, parenting, relationships and business ventures. 

The Compound Effect – Everything we are experiencing right now in life grew out of millions of little choices we have accumulated over time. This isn’t just a self-help book, it is an action plan to help us be sure we are maximizing our choices.

A Mind of Your Own – This is an excellent read with plenty of practical application for anyone struggling with depression or anxiety or medicated for these conditions or on birth control. 

The Toxin Solution – Awesome, well thought out, environmental detox program. Great useable information on how to avoid toxins and how to thrive amid so many unavoidable toxins of modern life.

Deep Nutrition – Currently, my favorite book going in-depth on what to eat and why to eat it.  No gimmicks and loaded with research to back why we want to minimize processed foods and vegetable oils. 

Happy reading!