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Can Anxiety Be Cured?

Anxiety is tearing people apart right and left.  It is wrecking families, raising blood pressure, giving people heart attacks and strokes, making life seemingly unmanageable.  This is leading people to resort to medications that lead to dependence and overall lower...

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Panic Attacks: What to do and how to stop them

There you are just trying to get a good night's sleep when your mind starts racing, your heart starts beating fast, you can sense the impending doom of a panic attack. Panic attacks are like your body's way of turning on the hazard flashers so that we'll take care of...

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Get Fit Challenge: Simple Exercises to Increase Your Fitness

Most of us know that exercise is important for all aspects of our health, but the idea of getting fit, more than just taking a walk at lunch; can seem intimidating or downright unnecessary.  You might be thinking, "what kind of exercises would I need to do or how long...

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Protein for Fat Loss

Did you know that protein, among many other benefits, can help you lose fat? Before you run out and stock up on bacon; let’s talk about what kind of protein is best. Clean protein includes: grass-fed beefpasture-raised eggsnutsseedsbeans organic turkeyorganic...

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How to Prevent the Common Cold and Flu

Are you tired of being a magnet for the common cold or flu? Let’s talk about how we can prevent the common cold and flu. Here we go… 1. Stay Hydrated Hydrated mucous membranes make it very difficult for viruses and bacteria to adhere to our nasal passages, mouth and...

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Health Stories

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Overcoming a Doctor's Diagnosis with Faith

Meet Jerome, who was given not only one, but two diagnoses: 1. Congestive Heart Failure 2. Multiple Myeloma He found out early in his health story that if he was going to have a fighting chance, his faith had to be strong. The #1 habit he had to change? Fast food. Find out what made his cardiologist say, “I can’t explain it”.

Increasing Energy with Simple Lifestyle Changes

Meet Jerome, his chief health complaint was lack of energy. After his doctor’s visit, he found out that he had high blood pressure and was pre-diabetic. Over the course of two years, he changed his lifestyle, mainly his eating habits (no more fast food). Now he has more energy and creativity to keep up with his three kids and his expanding photography business. And to top it off, he lost 20lbs in the process!

From Junk Food Addict to Naturopathic Doctor

Meet Dr. Matt (aka Dr Wholeness) His health story began with a wake-up call when he couldn’t shake his constant stomach aches. After reading a book on health, he realized that his diet was the likely culprit. He made the switch from eating deep dish pizzas, swedish fish, and ice cream, to eating more fruits and vegetables and lean proteins – no more stomach aches! He is now a naturopathic doctor who’s passionate about helping others overcome challenges to achieve their health goals.

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