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We help people who feel like health failures realize health success, by inspiring and teaching them simple and effective ways to make their daily habits a health building routine.

Overcoming a Doctor's Diagnosis with Faith
Overcoming a Doctor’s Diagnosis with Faith

Meet Jerome, who was given not only one, but two diagnoses: 1. Congestive Heart Failure 2. Multiple Myeloma He found out early in his health story that if he was going to have a fighting chance, his faith had to be strong. The #1 habit he had to change? Fast food. Find out what made his cardiologist say, “I can’t explain it”.

Increasing Energy with Simple Lifestyle Changes
Increasing Energy with Simple Lifestyle Changes

Meet Jerome, his chief health complaint was lack of energy. After his doctor’s visit, he found out that he had high blood pressure and was pre-diabetic. Over the course of two years, he changed his lifestyle, mainly his eating habits (no more fast food). Now he has more energy and creativity to keep up with his three kids and his expanding photography business. And to top it off, he lost 20lbs in the process!

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Small Habits, Big Changes

Gain control of your health with simple habits that fit easily into your busy life. Have more energy, think more clearly, and experience life with the ones you love.

Easy and Simple

You’re a busy person, so we keep it simple. By adding small changes to your daily routine, you can accumulate health a little bit everyday.

With a monthly plan, you’ll get:

  • Monthly zoom calls with Dr. Wholeness
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  • Inspiration from others on the same journey
  • Monthly habit challenges to help you accumulate lasting health
  • Get accurate and practical health information
  • Sample 7 day meal plan

All The Support You Need

Dr. Matt Angove has helped over 10,000 patients accumulate health with small, actionable steps. As part of the community, you get real, expert advice to all your health questions via text and Zoom.