Who is Dr. Wholeness?

So many times, I have sat across from a patient who has been devoured by health schemes over and over. Their confidence is shot and negativity reigns related to their health state. They say things like “I am an all or nothing kind of person.”  But when challenges arise, vacations come, or holidays show up, they take one step off their plan and all the addictive behaviors rush back into their life.

We all need daily inspiration, accountability, and somebody to pick us up when life circumstances get in the way. 

I have found over the course of sitting across from 1000s of patients and hearing their health stories that the machine gun approach to health does not work. 

99% of humans who lose 20lbs, gain that 20lbs back and more.  We are already know the results of the standard American health routine. To get what my patients truly want, which is a body they can count on and health goals realized takes consistent inspiration, trustworthy direction, and a new life routine.

As a physician, business owner, husband, and father of 5 little girls, I understand how full life can be and the energy it takes to show up well.

But I also know there is so much health wisdom and direction people are missing out on.  These are not secrets but so much health transformation messaging is missing in the American approach to health.  Because of this, so many are floundering, and this does not need to be. 

I have seen countless patients and clients write an entirely new health story, experience renewed life energy, lose 100s of pounds and maintain it.  None of this happened by scheming or cookie cutter plans. All these mighty life transformations have come from accumulating health.  Compounding little health decision after little health decision until their previous way of health lack was unrecognizable.

I love helping people overcome food addiction and sedentary living.  Taking control of food and seeing someone enjoy physical activity gives me the biggest smile.

It is amazing how routine and habit substitution can create health victory in ways people have never experienced before.  This victory pours over into professional and social life, compounding itself and creating endless life opportunity.

That is why I encourage people to make small, incremental changes to their life routine so that they can enjoy the wave of momentum that comes with consistent victories.

The compounding of consistent victories in our life routine is what I call health accumulation.

Accumulate Health®, one day at a time

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