Lower Your Insulin | Transform Your Body Composition

The prerequisite for fat loss is to lower your insulin levels. 

The more flour, added sugars, artificial sweeteners we consume, the more insulin is produced to pull glucose out of our bloodstream.  

With each passing year of pumping sugars, flours, and artificial sweeteners, insulin sensitivity decreases and at some point, you get full on diabetes because you cannot get the sugar out of your bloodstream.  

It is important to recognize that consistent large spikes of insulin, ages every part of our being, from ovaries in ladies, to testes in men, to your bones and brain.  

If you want to age gracefully, then you’ll want to feed your body information that doesn’t require a big insulin response.

5 action steps you can take to lower insulin and transform body composition

1. Create a gradual insulin response by going for a brisk walk after meals. Just a 2 minute walk is enough to buffer post meal glucose levels and improve insulin levels. Now if you were to apply resistance training, some exercise routine that forced muscle tissue breakdown, you could support a blunted glucose and insulin spike for up to 24 hours. 

2. Decrease the number of opportunities for insulin to spike during the day. If you consume 6-8 meals/snacks during the day, cut this down to 3-4 meals/snacks. Every time we eat insulin goes up to offset the spike glucose from the meal.  Now if you are eating in a smaller window and less frequently during the day you will have less insulin needing to be produced. This allows insulin receptors to reboot and get sensitized for the next meal. Here are some ideas for healthy snack options.

3. Consume pasta, bread, rice at the end of your meal, rather than at the beginning.  Ask the server at the restaurant to bring the bread basket at the end of the meal instead of when you first sit down. Eating the starchy carbohydrates at the end versus the beginning completely changes the body’s response to the meal. When you wait to the end of your meal to eat your starchy carbs, it decreases post meal glucose and insulin response. 

4. Consume vinegar before meals or as your salad dressing. Vinegar ingestion has been shown to lower post meal glucose spikes and fasting glucose in type 2 diabetics. Interestingly the Acetic acid in vinegar deactivates the enzyme alpha-amylase. This causes sugar and starch to be more slowly converted to glucose slowing the rise of glucose in your blood and hence less insulin requirements.

5. Make your home a haven of life-giving food – this maybe should be action step #1! If your cupboards, fridge, and freezer are loaded with crackers, chips, organic candy, keto ice cream, juice, soda pop, protein bars, popcorn and fruit leathers, you are going to have a tough time sticking to your plan when emotional unrest shows up, or you had a bad night of sleep.

I would love to hear which of these 5 habits have helped you. Share in the comments below.

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