Author: thedoc

Raw Cow’s Milk | How to shop for dairy products

Today we are talking about raw cow’s milk and what to look for when shopping for dairy products. It doesn’t take a degree in nutrition or a masters in dietetics to recognize that we should have guidelines that recommend whole unprocessed foods for the general population. Yet the recommendation for Americans is to eat fat free, low fat, […]

Ozonated Olive Oil| The Power of Topical Ozone Therapy

Ozonated olive oil is a topical ozone therapy that offers several unique advantages that make it a compelling option for addressing skin and oral health concerns. Why I use PurO3 Ozonated Olive Oil My go to is PurO3. This is what we sell in our clinic and use at home. I recommend ordering directly from […]

Combat Iron Deficiency with Efficiency: Hydrolyzed Whole Protein Iron Chelate

Imagine a life where you wake up each day with renewed energy, knowing that your body is thriving in optimal health. Meet hydrolyzed whole protein iron chelate—a game-changing solution that holds the key to unlocking this vibrant reality. Think back to those moments when fatigue weighed you down and the most straightforward tasks felt like […]

8 Sleep Hacks | How to get rejuvenating sleep

Today we are talking about 8 sleep hacks for optimizing your sleep, getting to sleep, staying asleep and waking up feeling like you had a great night sleep. 1. Blood sugar regulation   Preparing for a great night of sleep can start with your first meal of the day.  Bagels, croissants, cereal (no matter how many […]

Types of Food Additives | What’s on my NEVER consume list

Today we are talking about different types of food additives. Given the amount of processed food lining the shelves of grocery stores, this is no small topic.  I don’t think we need to know every additive in foods, but I do think there are some additives that you definitely want to pass on because the risk is greater than the reward of a highly palatable, […]

The Benefits of Berberine | Does it help with weight loss?

Berberine is not a weight loss supplement. Berberine is for health promotion. A pill by itself cannot help you shed those excess pounds, without the potential for massive side effects.  I have seen experts claim that berberine is not beneficial, because it doesn’t cause weight loss. What is important to understand is that when you are […]

Natural Remedies for Acid Reflux and Heartburn

Are there natural remedies for acid reflux and heartburn? How do we overcome it without taking acid blocking drugs?  Heartburn is something 60 million Americans experience on a regular basis.  Many people pop an acid blocker or Tums daily, twice daily, or when symptoms show up.  Acid blockers create more heartburn, more gastroesophageal reflux disease […]