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Are you as healthy as you think you are?

Most people’s health expectations are too high for themselves. People think they are healthy because they do not have a hard-core disease or disease diagnosis. Yet they continue to buy snacks from vending machines, eat frozen dinners, play video games and live a sedentary life. They do not realize that they are living right on the […]

Are artificial sweeteners making you fat?

What if I told you that artificial sweeteners like sucralose, Splenda, aspartame, sweet n low, NutraSweet were actually increasing your risk of fat accumulation.  Crazy right?  I mean we are told by the American Diabetic Association that zero-calorie sweeteners don’t count and if you are macro counting for weight loss, there are no carbs in […]

11 Thoughts for Holiday Health Accumulation

1. Know your boundaries.  Do not wait until the meal, dessert, alcohol, late-night is upon you to decide what your boundaries are on the path of health accumulation. Make your decision now.  How you are going to respond, what are you going to do when presented with tempting food or drinks? 2. When making desserts, strongly […]

5 Ways to Support Your Child’s Health

As you have likely noticed, anxiety, ADHD, and depression are skyrocketing amongst our youth.  Children are being medicated at an earlier and earlier age.  This creates countless developmental issues across the board, from cognitive impairment, decreased relationship capacity, inability to meet physical growth expectations, to increased risk of suicide and helplessness. This does not have […]

Vitamin C and Collagen: How to get the best results for your body.

Before you start adding collagen to your smoothie or making bone broth a regular part of your diet; here’s what you need to know to see the best results in your connective tissues (skin, joints, digestive tract, hair). Did you know that on average after the age of 20, our collagen levels decrease by 1% […]