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7 Healthy Eating Habits

From my personal experience and working with thousands of patients,¬†there are 7 healthy eating habits that can transform your life. The word “healthy” can seem nebulous.¬† First off, what does it mean to be “healthy” and second, how does one become healthy? I often say, “accumulate health” because health is a daily process of stacking […]

Cane Sugar Substitutes | 5 Natural Sweeteners

Powdered sugar or refined cane sugar is devoid of nutritional value, thankfully there are cane sugar substitutes that are full of nutrients. Cane sugar has been stripped from the sugarcane to give you that crystalline white powder. The answer however isn’t to consume artificial sweeteners like, Splenda, aspartame, Nutrasweet, acesuflame potassium. We don’t want to […]

Aflatoxins in Peanut Butter | The Best Kind of Peanut Butter

Aflatoxins in peanut butter can be greatly reduced by choosing a peanut butter made from Valencia peanuts. These peanuts are mostly grown in very dry climates in New Mexico. They are also grown on bushes as opposed to underground which is where the mold problem starts. This is crucial as the dry climate does not allow aspergillus […]

Healing the Gut Microbiome

Digestion is essential for healing the gut microbiome. With over 39 trillion bacteria inhabiting the body, you are more bacteria than human cells. These 39 trillion bacteria, give or take a few trillion bacteria make up 1-3% of our body mass but they affect our immunity, well-being, hormone metabolism, memory, detoxification, and nutrient assimilation to […]

Why sugar-free and fat-free diets aren’t the key to weight loss

Sugar-free and fat-free diets are a facade, they are not the path to weight loss. Well-meaning humans are reaching for sugar-free and fat- free food items thinking they will help them lose weight, get their blood sugar under control and decrease their risk of heart disease.  We think we are doing ourselves a service. For many […]

Microplastics And Your Disposable Coffee Cup

Are microplastics in your coffee cup?  Coffee cup liners are a huge, overlooked contributor to microplastic accumulation. In fact, drinking a single cup of hot coffee could send trillions of plastic nano particles into your body. Research recently demonstrated that by the time a person has downed 13 paper cups of hot coffee or tea, they […]

Postpartum Workout Plan: Do’s & Don’ts of Postpartum Exercise

Many women want a postpartum workout plan so they can safely lose the “baby weight”. While I’m all for working out, you don’t want to be too aggressive in trying to get your pre-pregnancy figure back. You created a human and literally birthed a miracle. That’s awesome enough!! Second, if you try to race to get […]